Montag, 5. Mai 2008

DJ Morgoth - Mash-Up Your Bootz Vol. 3 "Das Deutsche Album"

Hey fellas...I'm happy to announce that I just finished my 3rd album.

This time I mashed a lot of Industrial stuff (especially in the beginning) but I'm more excited that I finally could do a whole album only with German Vocals & Lyrics.
So maybe this trackz won't fit the international mash interest & people don't feel excited to listen to it because of the language *fg* but it could be worth for a rising mashup scene in Germany and the countries next to it & trying speak German (like my friends in Bavaria) hehe......I know there must be a tiny growing scene in some places... ;-)
So but I'll also hope that all my international friends here...will have some fun with these's still 100% will recognize this soon.

On the website there is a Rar-Package of the album, containing the Album MP3's, AlbumCovers, lovely done artworks for EACH track, and the "Drei Tage Wach in Tennessee" Video from my trip to Lynchburg & Nashville in April.
Feel free to comment your opinions...

Cheerz to all!

DJ Morgoth - Mash-Up Your Bootz Vol. 3
"Das Deutsche Album"

1. Celldweller vs. Dynamite Deluxe - Morgoth hat euch Dynamit mitgebracht (4:25)
2. Rammstein vs. Fettes Brot - Schwule Sonne (4:28)
3. Fear Factory vs. Die Fantastischen Vier - Troyer Edgecrusher (4:36)
4. Ascii.Disko vs. Planetakis - Black Metal Pogo (German Version) (4:04)
5. Fear Factory vs. Böhse Onkelz - Undercurrent Bomberpilot (4:07)
6. Celldweller vs. Egotronic - Tragedy für Deutschland (3:48)
7. Kasabian vs. Jan Delay - Shoot The Feuer (3:40)
8. Blur vs. Deichkind - BlurDemmi (2:57)
9. Daft Punk vs. Lützenkirchen - Drei Tage Da Funk (4:16)
10. Eric Prydz vs. Pink Floyd vs. Seeed - Proper Ding (3:33)
11. Depeche Mode vs. Egotronic - Precious Lustprinzip (3:12)
12. Bloc Party vs. Planetakis - Raus aus Kreuzberg (5:04)
13. Evanescence vs. Ich und Ich - Bin ich stark? (3:46)
14. Handsome Boy Modelling School vs. Captain Raze feat. H-Town - Greatest Vagabund (3:31)
15. DJ Morgoth - Ode an Berlin (2:30)

Drei Tage Wach in Tennesse Video Link

All these trackz are done by fun and for love in combing different music styles.
A lot of love & honor goes out to the original artists used here.
Go and buy their stuff!

All Mash-Up tracks produced by DJ Morgoth

This is a Mash-Up Your Bootz Production