Freitag, 24. Juli 2009

"Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up" takes over YouTube

2 weeks ago Thriftshop XL did a Mashup-Video for my "Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up" Mashup. Nirvana is RickRoll'd!
For a Download: click here

The Track was 1st featured on a complete Mash-Album about Rick Astley, called "RICKRAWKED", produced & presentedy by: AudioPornCentral.
Check This here...

Here is the brilliant video:

But the coolest thing is, that the video has more than 1 Million views in 2 weeks!!!
And it is now featured on millions of blogs and are some examples:

And here is an article on the actual London newspaper "Metro"

The Video made it onto G4 Tech TV - Attack of the Show as the #3 video around the net for Monday July 20, 2009 -- >


Matt Blick hat gesagt…

Add my blog to the list

great work!

I love motorhead/gorillaz too!

crazyrk hat gesagt…

Be aware that you're fucking awesome.