Dienstag, 23. März 2010

BOOTIE Berlin #09: Pictures

Last BOOTIE Berlin Party was crazy...packed as hell and LOO & PLACIDO destroyed us, our guests, the club and also our bootie decoration! ;-)

Here are some self explaning pictures...ah yes...the fat elvis...that's actually me! ;-)
More pictures: http://picasaweb.google.com/bootieberlin1/BOOTIEBerlin09

Now it's time to get the stuff ready for the intense April month...BOOTIE Parties in Helsinki, London, Hamburg & Berlin (all Infos: http://www.bootiemashup.com) and a DJ Set in Lausanne/Switzerland, 23rd April...Exciting!

Crew & DJs (BOOTIE Munich was here for a visit too):

After Midnight Mashup Show: Elvis






Dr.Waumiau & DJ Morgoth:

next month:

Mittwoch, 17. März 2010

BOOTIE Berlin #09 feat. LOO & PLACIDO // 19.03. (Friday)

Loo & Placido“Electronic Popstar Killers” [S]mash-up pioneers from Ed banging Paris keep on spinning and producing some of the sickest remixes, cut-ups and edits, this Friday at the BOOTIE Berlin Party.

Their crazy shows take place all over Europe and the US and are characterized by their killer DJ sets where they blend the best of today’s and yesterday’s music with malicious and almost sadistic pleasure. The result is a totaly modern, powerfull and nasty Electro-Hip-Hop-Rock-Disco-Rave mixture that crosses any genre borders – an animating, intoxicating bastard of sound guaranteeing an audience that freaks the hell out!

And this is what Loo & Placido are:
ELECTRO Freaks – ROCK Stars – HIP-HOP Gangsters – DISCO Dancers – POP Bastards – PUNK Rockers – ROBOT Transformers – DIRTY HOUSE Ravers – OLD SCHOOL B-Boys – FUNK Masters – HEAVY METAL Headbangers – BOOTY Shakers – GHETTO CRUNK Players – LATINO Hustlers – HARD ROCK Motherf***ers – RAGGA DANCEHALL Champions – TEQUILA Drinkers – PARTY People : ONE LOVE !!!
(Killing Music Since 1999)

And as usual BOOTIE Berlin brings you the full Pirate & BOOTIE treatment for you.

DJ Morgoth, just arrived from his BOOTIE USA Trip, hosts the 80's vs. 90's Mashup Remix Upstairs Floor and Mashup-Germany & Dr.Waumiau play and rock the party around Loo & Placido at the main floor.
And don't forget our free BOOTIE CDs, a special After Midnight Mashup Show, HOOKIE our Party Pirate and much fun.

Get the actual BOOTE Top 10 at the new BOOTIE Website.

See you Friday!

Here are the party infos:

BOOTIE Berlin #09

19.03.2010 (Friday)
Now every
3rd Friday a month!

@ Cassiopeia
S/U Warschauer Str.
Revaler Str. 99 - Tor II / Ecke Simon Dach Str.
10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain

Loo & PLacido (@MySpace) (@Facebook)

DJ Morgoth


7€ at the door

50 free BOOTIE CD's for the first guests.
After Midnight Mashup Show
Guests in pirate costumes have free entrance till 00:30 am.

Here are two new club bangers by Loo & Placido and one by Mashup-Germany.

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Loo & Placido - Rolling For Cash
[The Rolling Stones & Mirwais vs. The Micronauts vs. Zero Cash]

[Right Click Save As]

Loo & Placido - Californication
[2Pac feat. Roger Troutman vs. Plump DJ's vs. Zero Cash]

[Right Click Save As]

Mashup-Germany - Rollin' Theme
[Major Lazer vs. Limp Bizkit vs. Dr. Dre & Snoop Dog vs. Panjabi MC vs. Pulp Fiction]

BOOTIE San Francisco: Pictures

Oh man...what a trip...I just returned from USA in lovely Berlin and I am still flashed...the BOOTIE San Francisco was an amazing experience, a great crowd and wonderful acts & djs...Cheerz to A+D, Smash-Up Derby, John John, DaDa, Alexis von Fierce & Myster C and Dosvec...you are all great...and I look forward to welcome A+D in Europe in April at their Europe Tour...here are some impressions from the SF Party and more can be found here and here: (Pictures done by Out-AllNight)