Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2007

"Mash-Up Your Bootz" Party in Berlin

This saturday the second part of the Berlin's new "Mash-Up Your Bootz" Party will take @ the U5 Club in Berlin.
DJ Morgoth is spinning the hottest bootlegs, mash-ups & remixes out of San Francisco, London, LA, NYC, Paris, Vienna, Berlin and more into the crowd...if you hang out near Berlin, be sure to check this party out!
Everything can happen:
Rap on Metal! Rock vs. R&B! Pop with Hip-Hop! Motown versus Electro!
Genre clashes are accepted!
As last time, the first 30 people have the opportunity to get their hands on a free Mash-Up CD.

Location: U5-Club [Berlin, Frankfurter Tor 9]
Time: 22:00
Entry: 2€

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