Montag, 22. September 2008

New York City - Day 4 (last Day)

This morning we left New York City around 6 am so it's time to make a quick flashback about funny, strange and curios things I saw here.

The Carpet-Guy:

At the Bootie-Party there was a guy who layed down in front of the bar the whole night. He's like a carpet and people (especially the girls *g*) should stand on him, while ordering their drinks. Even better with High-Heels. It seems he's enjoying it a lot and he's coming every Bootie Party...strange world...

Beer out of plastic bags:

Yeah I knew it long time, but it's everytime fascinating for German fellas, coming to America and you are not allowed to drink free on street...I miss that... ;-)


Clubbing nights here, starting and ending early. Ask some people fromG-Money which time they go out dancing...and partying till 11 am is in some clubs normal, especially in Berlin. ;-)


...are the better Party-People...but I knew this also before... ;-)


Yeah like in one of the previous post, everyday is "Garbage-Day".

free W-Lan everywhere:

It's heaven! ;-)

Starbucks everywhere:

See point before!!

So finally, we just arrived in San Francisco, and are now sitting in A+D's apartment.
SF is looking beautiful, and I'm looking forward to the next week...

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