Dienstag, 29. September 2009

BOOTIE Vienna: Grand Opening Party Oct. 1st

Yes, you already may heard it, BOOTIE Vienna starts on Oct 1st!

The Party will take place in one of Vienna's best known & longest running clubs, the U4!

The U4 used to be Falco's fav club back in the 80s, so Bootie will take place on legenday ground! There are even 2 floors, so this is going to be really hot!

As resident DJ's Vienna has the ultimate weapon DJ Schmolli along with DJ Romano Gemini. DJ not-I will join in November.

Line-up for the premiere will be as follows, with Special Guest DJ from BOOTIE Berlin:

DJ Morgoth
DJ Schmolli
DJ Romano Gemini

Of course the usual BOOTIE standards like free CDs & midnight show will also be happening!
See you there!


And here is one of Schmolli's last Dancefloor-Dancers!!!

[Right Click Save As]

DJ Schmolli - Drop Your Head Day And Night
[Dave Spoon vs. Kid Cudi & Crookers vs. Mylo vs. Basement Jaxx]

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