Mittwoch, 5. November 2008

DJ Morgoth as BonusTrack on the new DEADLOCK Album "Manifesto"

German melodic death metal hopefuls DEADLOCK ( will release their new album, "Manifesto", on November 17 and in the U.S. on January 6 via Lifeforce Records. The follow-up to 2007's "Wolves" was mixed by Jacob Hansen (MERCENARY, VOLBEAT, RAUNCHY) and will be released in several different formats:

01. The Moribund Choir vs. The Trumpets Of Armageddon
02. Martyr To Science
03. Slaughter’s Palace
04. The Brave / Agony Applause
05. Deathrace
06. Fire At Will
07. Seal Slayer
08. Manifesto
09. Dying Breed
10. Altruism
11. Temple Of Love
12. The Brave / Agony Applause (Acoustic Live Version) (Limited Digipack Edition)
13. Martyr To Spam - Planetakis vs. Deadlock DJ Morgoth Remixxx (Limited Box Edition)
DOWNLOAD THE MP3-HERE (Right-Click & Saving)

The special Edition box-set of Manifesto contains an exclusive Mash-Up by me.
Germany's Electro-Pop band Planetakis meets up with Deadlock in it.

The box edition is limited to 1,000 copies worldwide and will be available through selected mailorder services only, such as EMP, Nuclear Blast and of course, through the Lifeforce webstore. It contains the album in a six-panel digipack, an embroidered exclusive wristband and autographed portrait cards of all bandmembers packed in a nice digibox.
You can order for example here for 19,99 €... ;-)

The artwork and design for "Manifesto" was handled by Adam Wentworth at, who has previously worked with BEYONCÉ, COHEED AND CAMBRIA and A LIFE ONCE LOST.

Here comes the artwork of "Manifesto":

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