Donnerstag, 27. November 2008

Mash-Up Your Bootz Party Vol. 18 this Saturday in Berlin

Dexter Morgoth & Dexter Waumiau celebrating the next Mash-Up Your Bootz Party in Berlin this saturday.
We have the freshest Mash-Up hits from the Bootleg planet and in addition the purest Bastard Pop classics and also some new Videos over screen.

Come early and you will get the new Mash-Up Your Bootz Party Sampler on CD.
The old ones are still downloadable at the MUYB Sampler Blog!

Here are the infos:
Mash-Up Bootz Party Vol. 18

29.11.2008 (Saturday)
@ U5-Club, Berlin, Germany
Frankfurter Tor 9
(U-Bhf Frankfurter Tor)

DJ Morgoth



3€ at the door

40 free Mash-Up CD's for the first guest.

And yeah we are still RICKRAWKED and in Rick Astley fever... ;-)

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DJ Morgoth – Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up (Nirvana
vs. Rick Astley)

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