Sonntag, 16. November 2008

RICKRAWKED - Bastard Pop Tribute to Rick Astley


AudioPorn Central presents
Guilty Pleasures - Volume Two

Bastard Pop Tribute to Rick Astley, the Best Act Ever

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01 Phil RetroSectror - Ricky *
Rick VS Rocky
02 Qubic - The Jig is Never Up *
Rick VS String Cheese Incident
03 Crowded Babes - Never Gonna Give Avril 14th Up *
Rick VS Aphex Twin
04 G3RSt - Never Give Up The Small Things
Rick VS Blink 182
05 Divide & Kreate - Never gonna freak you out
Rick VS Graham Coxon
06 DJ Morgoth - Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up *
Rick VS Nirvana
07 DJ Useo - Radio Rick *
Rick VS The Clash
08 lobsterdust - Never Gonna Fool Your Gold
Rick VS The Stone Roses
09 Mighty Mike - Neverending
Rick VS Mika
10 DJ Tripp - Never Gonna Clock You *
Rick VS Coldplay (Royksopp remix)
11 MadMixMustang - Don't You Ever Give Up Wanting Me Baby *
Rick VS Human League
12 Sugamotor - Never gonna give you up in a heavy situation *
Rick VS Sugababes
13 Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Xam's Trance Break) *
Rick VS Xam

* exclusive, previously unreleased tracks
compiled and designed by Simon Iddol
November 2008


You heard the news, MTV Europe named Rick Astley the Best Act Ever at the European Music Awards. Let's celebrate.


The compilation comes in a 90,2 Mb zip file.
Use the torrent link to download! It's superfast and seeded 24/7.
The zip contains the music files, the webcover and the printable cover as well.

Yes, it's a paper CD case again. You can print it and fold it for yourselves. It's the modified version of this great paper CD case. Check here if you need help to fold.

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blup hat gesagt…

hello, I've tried very much to find this and it's impossible. all torrents are down all links are going to the dev/null, pretty please, any way to find this again?